Sunday, June 18, 2017

Ipad case

 This is an ipad case that I made for my brother Glenn.  It measures 10 x 7 for an ipad that measures 9 x 6.  It is made with thick denim and microfiber.  Yes.  Not the usual fabrics that I am used to.
 There is a strip of black Velcro on the bottom of the case to secure the cover.  This was hard to sew on since I had to scrunch the completed case onto the base of the sewing machine.  I was able to sew two straight lines.  The ends of the Velcro were hand stitched to secure it.
 I did not put the top of the loop Velcro on the top of this because the microfiber was loopy enough to catch the bottom portion.  If you notice the inside is not straight across.  There is a scoop to allow for easier access to the ipad.  Larry gave me this idea.  He said it should be like an envelope with access from the long side instead of the wider side.  Details.  Details.  I stitched around the top flap with black thread on top and lime green thread in the bobbin.
This was all my brothers idea to use the denim since it is such a durable material.  The microfiber inside will keep the ipad clean.  I was planning to make him a handmade hexagon case with the leftover Japanese fabrics from the Cranes quilt.  I had already started on it when he gave me the denim and microfiber.  Oh well.  Maybe I'll still finish the hexagon case.

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