Thursday, February 14, 2019

Japanese Fabric

 I decided to start cutting my Japanese fabric and make some queen size tops for donation.  This is the first one that I made.  It is cuts of 9 inch fabrics sewn together.  There are 10 across and 10 down for a total of 100 stash busting fabrics.
 The fabrics are pretty, but this layout does not enhance the design or the fabric.  The size is 85 x 85 and was donated to EBHQ quilts.
 This layout is a little bit better.  It is the same 100 assorted japanese fabrics.  This time the fabrics were matched with dark and light.  Then a diagonal line was drawn and 1/4 inch sewn on either side of the diagonal.  This gave me 2 half square fabrics.  Put together in this placement is much more pleasing.
 Here is a closeup photo.  From far away you can clearly see the dark and lights.  Up close it is not as easy.  This was donated to EBHQ and came out to 83 x 84.
 This is the same assortment of 100 fabrics of japanese fabrics.  I like this design much better.  I sorted out about 20 dark fabrics and cut the 9 inch fabrics into 4  to make 2.25 x 9 inch cuts.  I placed 64 fabrics on the design wall sorting them by color.  I also cut about 81 brights of 2.25 x 2.25 for the cornerstones from the scraps.
This took a little longer to piece and arrange but it shows off the fabrics much better when it is surrounded by a dark fabric.  I've shown this to family and friends and they all want this one to be made up.  Well, I do have more japanese fabrics that I haven't cut up yet.  I have to find the backing, but I won't donate this to EBHQ.