Sunday, January 22, 2012


This is Reese's Pillow.  She used Sharpie pens to make the design and drew the turtle with only 2 legs.  It looks cute.

On the back of the pillow, she chose most of the colors from my scrap bucket.  I sewed them down on the back side of the pillow.  Then I sewed the edges and stuffed the pillow with cotton batting.

Unfortunately I was not able to take pictures of Nicholas and Alyssas quilt.  Alyssa made a pillow in the shape of a heart.  I helped her to sew the shape of the pillow on the sewing machine.  She was able to stuff and hand sew the closure.  Nicholas drew a picture and made a rectangular pillow also.  He sewed it himself, but had his sister help him to stuff and sew the closure.    I wish I had my camera ready.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

6 kids quilts

This Christmas, I decided to make quilts for the 6 kids that I know that don't have their own quilts.  I realized that they were getting older and I still hadn't made them their own quilt.  So I was determined to make each one their own.  I think they came out really well.

This is Taylors pink quilt.  I took 64 pink squares that measured 8 inches each and matched them with the light and darks.  Then I marked a line on the diagonal and sewed the 2 quarter inch seams on each side.  That gave me  64 squares.  With 8 rows of 8 it came to about 60 inches.  Very fun and easy to make.

This is Laurens tourquoise quilt.  It was constructed the same as her sisters pink quilt.  I asked Lauren one day to pick her favorite color and she chose a beautiful tourquoise hand dyed fabric that I made.  At first, I didn't want to cut into it, but I'm glad I did.  It looks beautiful.

This is Reese's diagonal quilt.  She chose the fabrics.  I had to choose a few more to round it out.  This was a little challenging, because I think I did it the hard way.  After I finished it, I found the directions on how to make an easier version.

 This is Jensen's Doctor Seuss quilt. I asked him if he liked Doctor Seuss and he was so happy because he watches it on TV.

 This is Nicholas dot quilt.  I used all dot fabric and put pictures of Nicholas and his family in some of the squares.  I used the patches from my block of the month club and surrounded all the pictures with dot fabric.

 This is Jessicas princess quilt.  I only had a few pictures of Jessica, so I had to intersperse pictures of princesses in with her pictures.