Thursday, February 20, 2014

Simple 4 patch

 This is what I am working on.  I have cut all the strips and most of the squares and have started to piece the two together. Isn't it beautiful.  The Kaffe Fasset colors are just such a joy to work with.

 I love this kind of mindless sewing.  You have your strips and stack of squares on the side and sew them together.
This is one set of the four patch.  I will sew another set of the same colors.  Cut them apart and sew the four patch together.Then I will have 21 four patch sets which will make 1 row.  Back to sewing and cutting.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Feed Me

 This is an Adult Bib that is used in nursing homes, hospitals and assisted living facilities for adults to use to protect their clothes while eating.  After Doris' stroke she does not have full control of her left side and uses bibs like these during meals that can get messy.  It is made of a terry cloth material with a white cotton binding and a velcro closure that doesn't work anymore.

This is my first attempt at making a new bib.  I traced the original onto a bath towel and cut out the shape.  I used a grey bias tape and and tried to sew the tape around the edges by just folding the edges around the towel and sewing it.  It was not too successful.  The new velcro from JoAnns $1 dollar craft bin works well though and holds the ends together great.  I took a label and wrote Doris name on this bib.

This is the second one that I made.  This time I ironed the bias tape flat.  Sewed a 1/4 inch of the tape around the edges of the cut out towel and then hand stitched the bias tape to the back.  Just like a quilt binding.  Feed Me was her brothers idea.  Now all Doris has to do is point to Feed Me if she gets hungry.  The lettering was scraps of colorful fabric that were hand sewn on.
 This is the third bib that I made.  Cute.  I haven't finished hand sewing the binding so you can see the edges.  Its kind of fun making these things. Just a little bit of imagination and color and you turn a blank white towel into a happy face.