Sunday, April 19, 2015

Oxford Clothes

 This is the label on one of the back of the wool samples that Miss Ogata gave me.  There was a whole box full of these samples.  They were stapled with two staples at the top and the backs had these labels.  I had to remove the staples and carefully pick off the labels.  The gum was very strong, so I used a q tip in rubbing alcohol to remove the gum residue.  Most of the gum came off with the alcohol.
 This is the top with the bricks all sewn together in a brick pattern.  I added triangle scraps of Yukata japanese fabric on the opposing ends of the bricks.
 It looks so beautiful.  The wool is soft and pliable, the kasuri is so colorful.  I think this is a classic.  It has a modern, yet an antique look to it.
Here is a closeup.  I am planning to look for some black wool to use as a batting and either a japanese print or hawaiian print for the backing fabric.  Some possible names for this quilt
Shades of Grey
Oxford Suits and Bowties

mirror image

 These are 2 retirement quilts that were made at the same time.  I used Marcia Derse fat quarters and batik white fat quarters for the mirror image.  The blocks of the two quilts were all sewn at the same time.  At first, I thought I would make one gigantic quilt with all the blocks, but with two retirements coming up, I decided to split them and make two mirror image quilts.  The top quilt went to Gary Thompson and the bottom quilt went to Rana Oliver.  The large white areas allowed for friends and family to write their retirement wishes.

 Here are two close ups.  On the second quilt, I only quilted the white section.  I used a white 12 wt Aurifil thread on the top and a Gutterman white 50 wt cotton on the back.

This is the backing fabric for the second quilt.  I thought Rana would get a kick out of this fabric.  It reminds me of wallpaper.