Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Inner City Kids

Hooray...  Inner City Kids has been accepted into PIQF.
My blog headline is a closeup picture of the quilt.  the following is the description I wrote when I sent the application in.

"When I finished my flower garden hexagon quilt, I thought what next?  Cut the hexagon in half, make it smaller and hand piece it.  I liked the challenge.  Unfortunately, my wrist complained.  With a new wrist brace, I machine pieced the rest of the blocks.  Time healed my sore wrist.  It also gave me a greater appreciation for hand work."

Sorry, I won't be able to post a picture of it. If you get to go to PIQF, please look for my quilt.  It is # 2050 in the Traditional section.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Recently, my mother in law gave me 2 small storage chests.  After they sat on my desk for a week, I realized the best use for them would be to put my threads in them.  As a quilter, you start accumulating thread.  You never know what you’ll need, so you stock up... just in case.  You start to look for the new and interesting threads and the industry has really come up with some wonderful threads.  Neon, Glow in the Dark, Metallics in all colors 12 wt, 50 wt variegated, silk, monofilament.  Once you start to look at the thread, you start to wonder, how that will look on your quilt.  Anyway, I was storing thread all in different places, wherever they would fit.  When I put them in the 2 chests, I could see what I had and what I was missing.  One drawer fit all the 12 wt, one drawer for the 50 wt, one for polyester, silks, handquilting.  As you see there is one drawer empty.