Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Polyester is not so bad

 This is a picture of the lanai daybed that I reupholstered using polyester fabric that was stored for at least 50 years.  The colors are still vibrant and the material looks and feels brand new.  The blue plaid and yellow pillows really brighten up this area. 
 The blue throw is actually a remnant piece of wool that I just edged and included because it matched so well with the polyester. 

 The fabrics came from this pile of polyester fabrics that have been stored since the time Mom worked at Danneman's when we lived in Delaware from 1970 to 1974.  Danneman's was a fabric store in the Blue Hen Mall.  Mom told me the story of how she decided to go to work when the kids (me) started high school and she had the free time.  She had taken business classes after high school and Dannemans was the first store that she went to apply for a job.  I asked if she got an employee discount because I noticed some fabrics had an extra discount taken off.  She said that there was no such thing as employee discounts and she usually bought fabrics when the remnants were on sale.

This is a bag the fabric was stored in.  At first I was just going to throw all the polyester fabric away.  But since making these pillows, I am going to put it back in the closet and see if there are other projects that I can use these.