Saturday, September 20, 2014


 Ulu is the hawaiian name for the breadfruit.  It doesn't have much of a taste but it is a starch and can be made into poi.  This is a quilt that I started years ago.  The size is 65 ' wide by 95' length. Enough for a twin size bed.  The fabric is from a scrap bag that I bought from the Sig Zane store in Hilo.  I could have bought a nice Hawaiian dress, but instead came home with 4 bags of scraps.  Sig Zane is a designer of hawaiian shirts and muu muu.  He designs the patterns and is very popular with hula dancers.
 This was all in one bag.  The pieces were pretty big and it was a challenge putting the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle.  I'm glad I decided to finish this quilt.  I stopped years ago, because I was having tension problems with the free motion quilting.  I was using a #12 top thread, but I don't think I had the right size needle.  I finished the free motion quilting using a regular #50 variegated thread.  No more tension problems.
It was nice to finish an unfinished project.  Surprisingly after years stuffed in a closet, it still looks pretty good.  The light blue against the dark black background is striking.  I'll have to start on those other 3 bags of scraps.