Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Third Degree

 This is a lap size 37 x 44 picture quilt that I made for Glenn and Debbie.  The pictures were taken during their grandsons Tae Kwondo 3rd degree black belt demonstration.  I took the photos on my Samsung phone and photo edited them to crop and center the 9 best shots.  The photos were printed onto Office Depot transfer paper.  Then ironed onto muslin fabric.  The border fabrics are all fossil fern 4 inch, 2 inch and 2x4 inch squares sewn together.
 The quilting pattern is called a jigsaw puzzle piece pattern.  I could not iron the fabric well between the photos.  Because of this there were a  few places where the fabric puckered up.  I machine quilted around the photos and around each fossil fern fabric.  I thought about outline stitching around the figures, but decided not to.  I have noticed from past projects that where there is a seam in photo transfers, that is where there is a separation if the quilt is washed or after a few years of use.  It is better to use a product like Quilted Treasures which prints on fabric, Bubble Jet set which prepares fabric to be printed on, or Spoonflower which will print your custom made fabric.
This is my favorite shot.  It shows Coreys hand on 3 cement blocks that he had to break with his hand.  Ouch.  Yes it hurts. But he did it.  Now we have to call him Master Corey.

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