Friday, June 20, 2014

Santa Rosa Quilt Show

 The Moonlight Quilters of Sonoma County held their quilt show earlier this month in Santa Rosa.  D. J. Berger was the featured quilt artist.  This is a picture of her San Francisco quilt.  I love the way the dragons tail made the lombard street twist and turn.  So well thought out and executed.
 This fabulous quilt of yukata fabrics was made by Judy Mathieson.  She was last years featured artist.  Such a beautiful way to show off such beautiful fabric.

The detail shows the shibori hand stitching where the flowers were continued in the red, pink, purple and blue sections.  

Isn't it fun how this quilt used the sock monkey fabric.  I can't remember his name, but I think it was Jim.  I thought I caught the label in this picture.  He makes such a technically hard to piece quilt look like it was fun to make.

As you can see, the quilt show was amazing.  I am always surprised at the beautiful quilts at this show.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Ananse Village

This is a retirement quilt that I just finished and have already given away to my coworker Sharon Bush.  I wanted to make her a special quilt for her 36 years at the post office.  She is a special lady, so I chose this pattern of african ladies and used the fabrics from the Ananse village scrap bag that I got from the PIQF show last year.  The border fabric is a special find from the remnant section of Stone Mountain Daughters fabric store.  It was an overdyed and stenciled fabric that I thought was a very unusual find for a commercial fabric store, but you never know what you'll discover in that remnant section.  Each of the black flowers looked like they were hand stenciled onto the brown dyed fabric.

As a retirement quilt, I would usually have my coworkers sign the front of the quilt and use it like a big card.  I so liked the way this quilt turned out, that instead of having everyone sign the front of the quilt, I kept the back of the quilt white, so everyone could just sign the back.

The pattern comes from a quilt that I saw by Pat Bailey at our Voices in Cloth show.  I talked to her at the show and told her how much I liked her quilt and the african ladies pattern.She said she would send me the pattern, but I ended up just drafting it from a picture.  I don't know what the size of her block was, but by drafting the design on my own, I could make the block size to the dimension that I wanted.  Pats quilt had sashing and a border.  I chose to just use the one fabric.  The same fabric was used as a binding.