Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Woven bag

 This is the completed project from Rami Kims Monday workshop.  I made it into an iPad bag with a zipper. I love the three dimensional effect that the woven strips make.  This is not pieced.  It is folded strips of fabric that are woven together, then put on wonder under and fused onto a foundation fabric.
This is a closeup of the three dimensional technique.  She also gave us instructions on a six pointed star pattern, but I was not able to do it by just reading the instructions.  It really does help to have the teacher there to show us our mistakes.  Rami had to stop me twice to start over, because I was weaving it wrong.  Here is a picture of the star bag that Rami made.

Rami Kim workshop

I finished my Rami Kim bag.  Yeah.  I think it came out very well.  There are six different techniques that Rami showed us in the 2 day class.  She was such a wonderful teacher and so organized.  She actually covered all 6 techniques in one day.  This side shows the North American smocking, continuous prairie points and hexagon in a square.

This side shows the square in a square, prairie points and another type of smocking.  Magic.  Its funny how when you know the correct way to make something, it can make something that looks so hard, easy to do.

 This is a closeup of the north american smocking.  This was the hardest to make, but I think the best.  I used a Marcia Derse purple fabric that gave it some depth.

The leather handles really make the handbag look professional.  I chose a purple handles to match the bag.