Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Marble fabrics

The fabrics on this quilt were all made in the Marbling class by Jo Fitsell.  The white border fabric was stenciled fabric that I made in other workshops at EBHQ.
 Jo used an alum soak to get the fabric ready to accept the dye.  We purchased Golden Fluid Acrylics for the dyes.  My friend Bobbi found a good deal on the internet and bought a set of these for me.  It's nice to have friends who look for bargains because the acrylics can get expensive.
 We used a thickening agent for the water so the dyes would suspend on the surface.  I think it was a powdered carageenan.  The instructor said she bought it from Dharma Trading.  At the end of the class she graciously shared some of the carageenan with the students.
 This was a fun class.  At the end of the class, I took my thickened water home.  The ride home made the solution very murky.  The top yellow and red piece shows how the murky water made the white area look grey.  Its funny how the murky pieces seemed to make the nice crisp white pieces look so much better.
The backing fabric is a striped pink woven.  The quilting is stitch in a ditch.

Paper lamination

This is the sample quilt from the Leslie Tucker Jennison Paper lamination class.  I used my silk scarves instead of the requested organza or other sheer fabric.  To get the best of the class, you really should follow the directions of the supply list, but, I thought the silk would work.  Partly yes and no.

Here is an example of a music sheet that was laminated to the silk.  I used the medium gel and I think the consistency was too thick which made the silk very stiff.
This is Joss Paper that Leslie supplied to us.  The blue silk is the joss paper laminated on the top of the silk.  The yellow example shows the joss paper laminated to the back of the silk.  The paper is then washed off.

This is the back of the quilt.  I used a japanese panel of a geisha with tea and two japanese fabrics for the top and side.  The panel is so pretty.  I used a walking foot and simply started from the outside and quilted it about 4 inces apart then retraced it when I got to the center.